CAKE WIINES -Is that spring we see emerging from the depths? Just in time for this bad boy to rear it's peachy head. Our new 2018 Pinot Gris, aptly titled “wash your face in the morning sun”...fruit from Diamond Ridge vineyard (Macclesfield) and Patch of grapes (Spring head) in the Adelaide Hills, 100% handpicked, gently pressed, fermented 1-2 year old French oak...10 weeks of lees stiring with a creamy, textured, low acid, nutty finish. You'll get fresh cut pear, fleshy lemon, white peach on the nose alongside baked apple pie, fresh cream and cashew nuts on the palate. An exciting time for us, an even better time for you. Pour it up, set yourself free. ;-)
Artwork by @martybaptist
Photo art @ze_studio @traianos_

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AMBUSH GALLERY 16/9/19-19/10/16

Capiche is a multidisciplinary group show that challenges its audience to navigate through familiar and alien landscapes, building new platforms for thought.

The exhibition explores themes of displacement in relation to contemporary subcultures and the individual human experience, tugging on tensions that stretch between reality and fantasy.

Defying norms and often transcending definable subjects, the works explore the human form, our sensory exploits, desires and influences.

The works are by 18 diverse artists and include collage, drawing, film, illustration, installation, painting, photography, sculpture, video and experiential sensory encounters.

Marty Baptist’s paintings incorporate everything from pop culture references to his own musings on daily life, with a dark sense of humour that leaves viewers questioning whether his motives are serious or in jest.

Anna May Kirk is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes sculpture, performance and installation as a tool for speculating about the nuances of our current moment in time, and distorting the relationship between artist, audience and artwork.

Kaspar Kagi uses various techniques and materials including painting in acrylic, drawing onto canvas and using paint markers on watercolour paper. His artworks often represent a questioning of his own existence and the invisible mechanics behind the reality in which we live.

Dionysos Avramides presents a series of drawings

depicting erotic and aggressive sex scenes. He employs the use of mixed media, including pencil, charcoal, conté and oil pastels.

Emele Ugavule & Ayeesha Ash (BlackBirds) are women of colour (but not indigenous to Australia), whose video works dissect cultural appropriation and stereotypes, and are often set in pedestrian environments to reflect their everyday experiences as a product of society.

Liz Peniazeva is a Sydney-based artist interested in analysing and reconstructing ideas relating to women and their bodies. She seeks to reconfigure notions of gender, domesticity and sexuality through her meticulously hand-cut collages, which are free from digital intervention.

Other featured artists include: Joshua Bentley (photography), Arben Dzika (illustration), Paloma Grace Maine (sculpture), Luke O’Connor (ceramics), Harriet Roxburgh (painting), Nick Santoro (painting), Natalie Synnott (painter), Torrie Torrie (video/installation), Rohan Willard (using body odour/smell as a medium), Yiorgo Yiannopoulos (pigment prints), and Lucy Zaroyko (painting).

The exhibition is co-curated by aMBUSH Gallery and Joshua Bentley and presented with Central Park Mall.

Join us for Capiche’s opening night on Friday 16 September from 6-9pm, after which the exhibition will be open daily 12pm-8pm from Saturday 17 September to Sunday 9 October. Admission free.


Marty Baptist, Anna May Kirk, Kaspar Kagi, Dionysos Avramides, Ayeesha Ash, Emele Ugavule, Joshua Bentley, Arben Dzika, Paloma Grace Maine, Luke O’Connor, Harriet Roxburgh, Nick Santoro, Natalie Synnott, Torrie Torrie, Rohan Willard, Yiorgo Yiannopoulos, Lucy Zaroyko